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Updated: April 14th, 2024 | United States | ,

RocknRollica Radio is a rock and metal music internet station broadcasting live from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Rock 'n' Roll music is in the heart of everyday life, no matter where you’re from or who you are. Taste a little bit of the hard south coming from deep in the Heart of Texas. We bring a new spin on rock and metal music to the world with RocknRollica. Your host, Joe Rollica, plays great tunes from the newest emerging artists. You will discover the current and future songs of fame on RocknRollica Radio! Support your favorite bands by requesting their music on RocknRollica. To submit your music for airplay, visit our website at www.rocknrollica.com

RocknRollica Radio is an internet radio station from United States. Listen to , online streaming radio channels and music for free. If it doesn't play, please try to click here.

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